Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease is a common and consequential condition that causes the gums to become irritated and inflamed. If not treated, periodontal disease can be painful and unsightly, and can cause teeth to become loose and fall out over time. Periodontists are experts in preventing, diagnosing, and treating this disease. If a tooth is lost, due to periodontal disease or for some other reason, a periodontist can suggest implant options and handle each step in the implant process. We offer the following periodontal procedures:

  • Crown Lengthening
  • Bone Graft
  • Sinus Lift
  • Gum disease
  • Osseous Surgery

At our Clinic, we pride to have one of the best Periodontics in Tijuana; she is part of the opinion leaders in Periodontal Disease in Mexico. She is board Certified, with more than 30 years of vast experience in the field.

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