As a dental practice in Tijuana, we understand that you are looking for the highest quality of dental work at reasonable prices in the market. That’s why we work with our patients and their dental insurance provider.

We won’t be able to bill directly to your insurance but we will handle all the paperwork necessary so you can get a maximum reimbursement for your dental work done here with us. That’s means that we will call your insurance provider and check your benefits, as well as be able to estimate the expected payment from your insurance carrier.

This same information also enables us to let you know your out of pocket expense (if any) prior to performing treatment. So, then we can fill out your dental claim form with the ADA standards and requirements.

If you have any questions regarding your dental insurance benefits or want to check if we work with your insurance carrier please give us a call at: (619) 646.21.24 or email us at: claims@tijuanadentalcare.com

Please understand that your sensitive information will only be used for our Dental Office Needs, we do not share or sell your private information to any third party.

Want to know beforehand your Dental Insurance benefits?

Please email us at claims@tijuanadentalcare.com or give us the following information to our receptionist.

We will need a picture (front and back) from your Insurance card, date of birth, company you work for and primary holder’s ID.


Don´t Have Insurance? Take advantage of our best Tijuana Dentist Prices.

At our clinic you will save thousands of dollars compared to U.S. prices at the same or higher level. We comply with all the ADA guidelines and standards of quality.

All our Certified Dental Specialists will attend all dental needs in Tijuana.

This is some of our prices in our clinic:

DENTAL IMPLANT $899.00 $1,700.00
ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTS $8,499 $28,000.00
BONE GRAFT $450.00 $1,400.00
ZIRCONIA CROWN $450.00 $1,200.00
E-MAX CROWN $450.00 $1,200.00
E-MAX VENEER $450.00 $1,200.00
SINUS LIFT $1,800.00
Per cuadrant.
Per cuadrant